Real-Time Locating System


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Visibility of accurate object locations delivers process quality and productivity

Real Time Locating System is an RFID based system for accurate real-time localization and identification of vehicles throughout the entire production chain from final assembly to delivery. The combination of various localization and identification technologies improves throughput from vehicles and ultimately the overall productivity and efficiency of car manufacturers.


Real Time Locating System optimizes the unguided internal transportation processes – from the final assembly to storage indoors, as well as outdoor parking yards, to further transportation. By knowing the accurate location of every vehicle in the yard, the optimal transportation route is deployed automatically, thus the time used for searching is reduced. The distinct identification of vehicles throughout the entire process, eliminates incorrect deliveries and possible delays.


The versatile RTLS transponder enables real-time location and identification of assets by combining cutting-edge localization technology with RFID in one robust device.

  • Parking lot localization accuracy of finished cars in large mixing yards

  • Integrated LF technology for spot and zone location in industrial areas

  • Integrated 360° LED for pick-by-light application to eliminate search time

  • Integrated motion sensor for power saving and motion events

  • Integrated push button for manual acknowledgment of work orders

  • Robust IP67 design with a replaceable battery for extended product lifecycle


Proven Solution

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS RTLS is improving the efficiency for car manufacturers.

  • Improved throughput with reduced search-time in every situation

  •  Improved process security through the elimination of manual transactions

  •  Reduction of working capital by accelerating turnover

  •  Increased planning accuracy with transparent and real-time data

  •  Reduction of paring space by optimizing area utilization

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