Padlock, GPS, 2G y 3G

Real-time monitoring of your moving cargo
Padlock Functionalities
  • Opening and closing doors

  • Notification of the location of the unit

  • Configuring of geographic fences to identify when cargo enters or leaves the Port, Distribution Center, or Delivery Point.

  • Configuring of events to determine openings outside working hours, or openings in unauthorized sites.

  • Notifications of impact, vibrations or access violations.

  • Accelerometers that send notifications in case of rollover or towing.

Wide Range of Use
  • Load in movement

  • Security

  • Control and Prevention of Losses

  • Customs Operations

  • Shops

  • Logistics operators

  • Control and Monitoring Center

  • Tower of Control of Loads in Movements

  • Remote places

  • Warehouses

Each GPS lock unit enables:
  • Application for Monitoring Center

  • Online Web Application

  • Olympia Tracking monitoring apps for Android and iOS

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Container tracking device for cargo owners