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Visibility of container terminal operations delivers predictable productivity

The CTAS fleet management module presents a new direction in advanced technology for container terminals, focused on real-time asset management and automation of key business processes.


The solution integrates multiple wireless identifications, locating, security and sensor technologies, with advanced visualization and reporting software to provide robust real-time command and control capabilities.


Fleet availability and scheduling software (FAS) provides fleet readiness, maintenance tracking and repair information. This module improves visibility into real-time fleet status, bringing together operations, planning and engineering teams with a unified view of fleet data.



This module provides real-time location for all types of vehicles. Those equipped with GPS, DGPS or RTLS report their position, which is then compared to a geo-spatially mapped facility layout. The map is generally created from a CAD/CAM drawing and is typically aligned with the TOS-defined yard positions, including the use of common naming conventions. In this way, users can see the position and status of all vehicles.

  •  Real-time visibility

  •  More efficient operations

  •  Supports TOS task assignment

  •  Better yard productivity

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