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Visibility of container terminal operations delivers predictable productivity

The CTAS  process automation system is built up of a series of standard modules, sitting on a common technology platform. This approach ensures that CTAS is highly scalable and flexible. CTAS modules have a proven track record in diverse operating environments, with all types and makes of equipment, in both retrofit and greenfield projects.


  • Truck identification and gate access control

  • Automated job stepping and promotion

  • Container position detection system

  • Increased utilization of chassis and cassettes

  • STS crane automated container handoff

  • Improved straddle truck exchange grid management



Automated job promotion improves accuracy, safety and turnaround time by automatically identifying trucks and eliminating the need to search through a job list.


With container control, no unplanned container moves are permitted making lost containers a thing of the past.

  •  Increase inventory accuracy

  •  Improve dwell times

  •  Enhance capacity

  •  Driver operator performance dashboard

  •  Improved transaction accuracy

  •  Enhanced operational safety

  •  Faster driver hand-offs

  •  Shorter turnaround time at gates

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