Geo-Sales & Marketing

Planning of Sales & Services Force, Territory Planning, Geographical Market Analysis, Market Share Analysis. 

Synchronization of Supply Chain

Obtain real-time visibility of the arrival time of your trucks to your Distribution Center. 

Route Planning & Optimization

Around over 30 millions of orders, every day are planned and optimized with PTV Route Optimizer (Smartour) in seconds. 

Warehouse Mobility

Real-time record of items with ET50 Tablet for the forklift. 


Smart Padlock with remotely open without keys. 

RFID Evidence Control

Real-time control and traceability of evidence for Police and Justice Department. 

RFID Weapon Management

Real-time control of weapons, ammunition, and equipment. 

Arrival Board

Share with customers the exact time of arrival. 

Field Force Mobility

Ruge Mobility with TC72 and TC77. 

Manufacturing & Retail Mobility

Ruge Mobility with TC52, and TC57. 


Ruge Mobility for Work with TC25 

Fleet Management

Telematics advanced solution for Fleet Management

Cargo Remote Tracking

Smart Padlock with alerts of open / close door

Valuable Assets

Remote Tracking of Valuable Assets.

Container Tracking

Remote Tracking for Dry and Refrigerated Container. 

Data Capture

Large range of scanner for Manufacturing, Retail, and Logistics activities