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Visibility of underground and open pit operations delivers safety and productivity

Developed to address the complex demands of the mining and tunneling industry, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS WATCHERPERSONNEL introduces a standard safety system, that combines both flexible hardware and software to offer real time information at the precise moment it is required.


TThe safety of personnel working underground is constantly being monitored and addressed by HS&E directives. Significant effort and planning is taken into account when considering possible emergency situations. Locating employees in a timely manner is crucial. A primary feature of the WATCHERPERSONNEL solution is that it significantly improves personnel safety. It ensures the highly efficient handling of evacuation situations and improves safety in day-to-day operations.




from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers real-time visibility of personnel to maximize safety, security and productivity.

Reliable and robust, the design of the system draws on decades of on-the-job experience and close collaboration with the industry to provide a solution which exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements. It will operate effectively without human intervention and both hardware and software can be remotely administered from the control room.

Scalable Solution

The fully scalable and customizable WATCHERPERSONNEL system features several integrated optional modules built on the highly dependable proprietary TrailBLAZER backbone providing our customers with automated personnel safety, access control systems and workflow optimization solutions, in-line with HS&E and business requirements. The solutions are built on “best practice” industry business cases to enable value creation in all solutions provided to our customers .

  • Personnel registration system

  •  Automated mustering system

  •  Mobile mustering

  •  Access control system

  •  Certification logging

  •  Integration with multiple HR databases

  •  Custom reporting

  •  Active and passive monitoring


The i-B350 CC active RFID tag is ideally suited for industrial applications, such as tracking, tracing and identification personnel and facility-wide access and control area.


Accurate, reliable, compact and light-weight, the i-Q350LX M in combination with basic long-range technology enables personnel tracking; from gate access to other zone-based locations, this sensoris ideally suited for demanding enviroments.


The active RFID wristband tag is ideally suited  for personnel safety applications such as mustering, lone worker monitoring or control access in hazardous environments and adds real-time intelligence to your business

Reader Flex 2-Way Main

The Flex MAin cabinet is a full feature unit for asset and personnel tracking. With integrated UPS backup, ensuring up to 12 hours full operation, of both the main cabinet and connected satellite cabinets, in case of power outage.

Reader Mod 2-Way Sat

A modular Satellite reader cabinet for asset and personnel tracking, which is designed to meet the requirements for a cost-effective and scalable solution. This cabinet can be "Daisy - Chained" to other reader cabinets.

Reader i-Port 350 USB - BT

Position Marker i-Mark 2

A Mobile Bluetooth reader for asset and personnel tracking, which supports all i-Q350 and i-B350 sensors. Ideal in an emergency situation, where you can search for missing personnel.

The Position Maker is used to provide the exact location of a tag for access control, as well as door lock and gate control. Position Makers can also be used in pairs to detect the direction of movement. 


DENTEC SOLUTION Mobile Mustering increases security and improves efficiency during an emergency situation.

  • Automated headcount per mustering zone

  • Manual mustering of personnel without a tag

  • Flexible lifeboat allocation

  • Simple relocation of mustering points

  • Real-time identification of missing personnel

  • Offline mode to mitigate network connectivity issues

Why Choose WatcherPersonnel

Being developed together with industry professionals, WATCHERPERSONNEL implements best practice for handling automatic mustering.

  •  Automated POB count

  •  Visibility of location

  •  Automated mustering

  •  Increased efficiency during emergency drills

  •  Monitor key mustering KPIs

  •  Cost efficient solution

  •  Audit trail

MINING Installations by IDENTEC