Optimize Your Field Force Planning with PTV Map&Market

  • Turn the complexity of field force planning into efficiency

  • Ensure fair workload distribution

  • Optimise visit sequences & routes easily thanks to automation

  • Deliver on time and inform recipients about delays thanks to real-time tracking

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Integrated software solution for field force management

PTV Map&Market enables you to optimise your field force management at the push of a button – regardless of the size of your team or customer base. The software calculates routes and schedules that take all restrictions and customer wishes into account, while ensuring that your resources are fully utilised. The result: Your employees spend less time on the road and more time meeting with customers. And you are able to grow your customer base without increasing your headcount.

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Strategic and operational field force planning in one tool

PTV Map&Market covers all aspects of field force management. In addition to optimized sales territories, the software supports you with both strategic and tactical tasks:

  • Strategic analysis of employee utilization and decision support: Evaluate the expected demand for field workers for the upcoming year.

  • Tactical staffing and scheduling decisions with a horizon of four to twelve weeks: Provide your field staff with weekly or daily plans or visit sequences.

On top of that, you can equip your mobile workforce with the easy-to-use "25h" field service app that enables them to adapt plans to their individual needs.


Route planning for field staff

Automate your field force planning and create weekly and daily plans that boost productivity, while considering all specifications and restrictions.

Territory optimisation

Optimise your sales territories with PTV Map&Market to achieve an even workload distribution among all field employees and shorter travelling distances as well as full market coverage.

Geographical market analyses

Perform geographical market analyses, determine sales potential, visualise market and purchasing power data and evaluate planning scenarios.

Why the customers like PTV Map&Market

Homemade Remedies
Dietmar W. Haufe

"Thanks to PTV Map&Market we now have an evenly balanced workload distribution among our field employees.”

Procter & Gamble

Puppy Portrait
Dennis Tusche

"We optimized our national sales structure and territories, and thereby reduced travel times of our field force by 17%.”

VitaKraft - Pet food

Sliced Bread
Olaf Czaja

"PTV Map&Market met all our expectations. Our costs are lower and we have more time for our customers."

Lieken - Baked goods

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PTV Map&Market industry applications

Field Force Planning for Consumer Goods

How PTV Map&Market boosts the efficiency in the FMCG sector

Field Force Management for Pharmaceutical & Lifestyle sector

How PTV Map&Market helps the pharmaceutical and lifestyle industry

Retail Location Planning

How PTV Map&Market determines the best location for your store

Field Force Management for Services

How PTV Map&Market plans schedule and driver routes for field services

Why Choose


Field Force Optimisation with PTV Map&Market

  • Minimize your planning effort

  • Maximize the efficiency of your workforce

  • Reduce costs

  • Determine your optimal headcount and territory coverage

Consider all restrictions in field force planning with PTV Map&Market

  • Visit frequency and intervals

  • Customer requests

  • Opening hours

  • Working hours of employees

Boost productivity with our field force app 25h

  • Create optimal schedules, sequences of stops and driving routes

  • Automate scheduling with date suggestion function

  • Avoid idle time thanks to radius and corridor search

  • Stay flexible with mobile app, web client or API

Boost sales force motivation with PTV Map&Market

  • Motivate sales force

  • Distribute workload in a fair way

  • Plan territories and visits transparently

  • Remain flexible on the road

Exact planning thanks to detailed map material with PTV Map&Market

  • Optimised sequence of stops

  • Detailed planning in urban areas

  • Up-to-date map material