Boost productivity with our field force app 25h for Oracle Sales Cloud

  • Create optimal schedules, sequences of stops and driving routes

  • Automate scheduling with date suggestion function

  • Avoid idle time thanks to radius and corridor search

  • Stay flexible with mobile app, web client or API

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PTV Map&Market Field Force app 25h for Oracle Sales Cloud©​

The Sales Cloud uses the comprehensive Oracle product portfolio to offer customers a comprehensive sales tool ecosystem, through the interface with which PTV Map&Market 25h can be seamlessly integrated into the sales cloud. Customers thus benefit from the perfect combination of a cloud-based CRM system and flexible sales force management.

With the 25h field force app, it will feel like your day has 25 hours. Why? Thanks to optimized schedules and routes, your field staff can meet with more customers every day. Above that, the powerful software tool takes over organizational tasks and enables your field force to spend less time in the office and more time with your customers. With its innovative functions and its intuitive user experience, 25h is the optimal solution for field force management.

The ideal app for your field staff

Using the 25h app, your field service can optimize their day - flexible, on the go and independently. Several useful functionalities make this possible:


  • Automatic weekly and daily planning

  • Appointment suggestion function

  • Radius and corridor search for spontaneous customer visits nearby

  • Optimal order of stops

  • Exact geocoding and map display with address verification

  • Seamless transfer to navigation system

App, Webclient oder API

With PTV Map&Market, your sales force is always flexible – even when it comes to the technology used. Choose between several options:

  • Download the 25h app from the Apple iStore or Google Playstore and install it on your employees' tablets, laptops and smartphones.

  • Set up a customised web client that can be opened in the browser from any web enabled device.

  • Access your calendar offline thanks to integration with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Integrate an API into your existing CRM software and other systems completely.

PERFECT Synchronization with your CRM

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Route planning for field staff

Automate your field force planning and create weekly and daily plans that boost productivity, while considering all specifications and restrictions.

Territory optimisation

Optimise your sales territories with PTV Map&Market to achieve an even workload distribution among all field employees and shorter travelling distances as well as full market coverage.

Geographical market analyses

Perform geographical market analyses, determine sales potential, visualise market and purchasing power data and evaluate planning scenarios.

Strategic location planning

Make well-informed strategic decisions regarding location, expansion and consolidation planning.

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