PTV Map&Market 25h for Salesforce©​

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  • Save >10h every month in planning and driving time

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PTV Map&Market 25h for Salesforce©​

The field force management solution PTV Map&Market 25h is now available on AppExchange. Leverage the potential of the most accurate map material and highly performant routing and scheduling algorithms seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. This means you won’t have to spend time setting up a customized interface, transferring customer data or training users. Instead, you can simply install PTV Map&Market 25h through the SalesForce AppExchange and you're good to go!

PTV Map&Market 25H for Salesforce

With PTV Map&Market 25h for Salesforce you can boost field force efficiency, maximise face-time with your customers and increase revenue.

PTV Group: The perfect match for your Salesforce solution

40 years of experience in the field of digital mapping and the optimisation of logistics. 

PERFECT Synchronization with your CRM

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Route planning for field staff

Automate your field force planning and create weekly and daily plans that boost productivity, while considering all specifications and restrictions.

Territory optimisation

Optimise your sales territories with PTV Map&Market to achieve an even workload distribution among all field employees and shorter travelling distances as well as full market coverage.

Geographical market analyses

Perform geographical market analyses, determine sales potential, visualise market and purchasing power data and evaluate planning scenarios.

Strategic location planning

Make well-informed strategic decisions regarding location, expansion and consolidation planning.

PTV Map&Market industry applications

Field Force Planning for Consumer Goods

How PTV Map&Market boosts the efficiency in the FMCG sector

Field Force Management for Pharmaceutical & Lifestyle sector

How PTV Map&Market helps the pharmaceutical and lifestyle industry

Retail Location Planning

How PTV Map&Market determines the best location for your store

Field Force Management for Services

How PTV Map&Market plans schedule and driver routes for field services

Transport & Logistics Solutions