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Route Optimizer

Transport & Logistics

  • Optimizes fleet use

  • Plans better routes & schedules

  • Considers customer preferences & restrictions

  • Calculates overall costs precisely

  • Communicates exact ETAs

  • Exchanges data & information with other software systems

Efficient transportation thanks to the fleet optimization software PTV Route Optimizer

  • Reduce transport and operating costs

  • Boost the efficiency of your fleet

  • Relieve planners and dispatchers

  • Improve customer service

PTV Route Optimizer, Route Planning & Scheduling, Route Optimization, Restrictions, Transportation Costs, Tracking and Arrival Times, ETA, ERP Integration, SAP Integration, SAP S4/HANA Integration, SAP Hana Cloud Integration, Oracle Integration, Microsoft Integration,

Features Overview

Planning and optimization of transportation routes for efficient management of the fleet. PTV Smartour program automatically the optimum load of your orders from the ERP or any other source in an optimized route, taking into account all its restrictions. 

Planning and Optimization of your transport logistics
  • Automatic trip planning based on customer data

  • Mixed transport planning capability

  • Suggestion function

  • Take truck attributes into account

Trip Planning
  • Automatic geocoding of delivery points, from customer's master data of your ERP

  • Use of multiple time windows

  • Manage co-loading restrictions

  • Manage individual vehicle restrictions

  • Restrictions vials per vehicle

  • Loading Restrictions​

Planning Restrictions and Data Management


Integration with data and objects of planning of your ERP

Integration with any database or ERP market

Modular Design

Freight Calculation

Freight Calculation
  • Individual freight tariffs for each carrier

  • Carrier cost comparison (internal and external comparison)

  • Configuration of your own cost structure

Routes Planning

  • Automatic calculation of routes,

  • Determines the costs and relevant values,,

  • Takes in considerations individual attributes

Routes Planning

Telematics Integration

  • Direct connection to the drivers and vehicles

  • Delivery status updates in real time

  • Up-to-date track & trace of all trips and vehicles

  • Enables pro-active response in case of deviations

Telematics Integration

PTV Drive & Arrive ETA's notifications (Estimated Time of Arrival)

PTV Route Optimiser + PTV Drive & Arrive Integration

Devices tested for work

Fleet Management - Application of Advanced Telematics

Fleet Management
  • Connectivity 2G, 3G,

  • Satellite Connectivity,

  • Advanced Applications

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