Route Optimizer

Maximized fleet use thanks to route optimization

  • Analyze and optimize regularly executed routes

  • Identify potential for improvement and savings

  • Increase transport efficiency and utilization of the fleet

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Reaches the optimization in route planning and trips considering all internal and external variables of your deliveries

Routes and Trips can be optimized with routing and scheduling software. Why? Because external circumstances (e.g. infrastructure), customers and their requirements (e.g. changes in opening hours and delivery windows) and your own priorities and requirements (e.g. numbers of vehicles) may have changed since the routes were first introduced. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate existing routes and adapt them to changes regularly.

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PTV Route Optimizer Features

Optimization of existing and regularly executed routes

Simply transfer your existing routes into PTV Route Optimizer via easy-to-use interfaces. The tool analyses the routes and evaluates the potential for improvement: Assigning a customer to a different driver, adding an additional stopover at a depot or simply changing the sequence of deliveries might already boost efficiency substantially.


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PTV Route Optimizer Functions

Route Planning & Scheduling

Route planning and scheduling gets more complex as the order volume and vehicles at your disposal increase. No problem for PTV Route Optimizer: The software distributes orders to vehicles automatically and optimally.

Optimize the Utilization of your Fleet

As external factors change, so should your routines: PTV Route Optimizer enables you to analyze existing routes and schedules in order to adapt them to changing circumstances at the push of a button.

Informs Customers of Arrival Times Reliably

Inform your customers automatically and in real-time about the estimated time of arrival of their deliveries. Facilitate transparency throughout the entire supply chain and boost customer satisfaction.

Calculates Freight Costs Precisely

Keep better track of your spending: PTV Route Optimizer enables you to calculate transport costs quickly and accurately, both as a basis for preparing offers and invoices.

Optimally distributing orders to available vehicles

Ensures a Smooth Exchange of Data

Ensure a smooth exchange of data and information by connecting PTV Route Optimizer to your ERP, TMS and telematics systems.

Considers Preferences and Restrictions

PTV Route Optimizer considers all relevant restrictions such as opening hours, loading and unloading times, vehicle characteristics, driving and rest times as well as your customers' preferences in its suggestions.

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