Route Optimizer

Planning & Scheduling

  • Plan effective routes and optimized schedules at the push of a button

  • Compare alternatives

  • Factor in all constraints automatically

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Planning & Scheduling

PTV Optimizer supports planners by:


All elements considered for a dynamic planning


With PTV Route Optimizer planners organize route & trips in one click

Delivery Order

Recollection Order

Service Order

Better Customer Service  


Real-time customer notifications


Improves your customer service sharing real-time notifications to your customers about the estimated time of arrival of their order.

PTV Route Optimizer improves your logistics planning

PTV Route Optimizer

automatically plans your orders into optimized trips, taking into account all restrictions that are relevant to you and your customers.

10 Goods Reasons for using PTV Route Optimizer

Explores how PTV Route Optimiser (Smartour) can help you to improve your logistics Supply Chain

Discovers how customers run better planning & scheduling logistics processes with PTV Route Optimizer (Smartour)

International References

Satisfied customers through the world get better benefits from  using PTV Route Optimizer (Smartour)

Success Story

Courier Services 

Courier Services sector prefers PTV Route Optimizer (Smartour) for planning & scheduling

Technical Services

Technical Services providers choose planning & scheduling their services orders & installations with PTV Route Optimizer (Smartour)

Save money optimizing your planning & scheduling 

Success Story Video

260,000 km per day – How Lekkerland optimises the routes of over 1,000 trucks with PTV Route Optimizser (Smartour)

Demo Offline

An example with South America Map

PTV Route Optimizer Features

PTV Route Optimizer supports planners by:

1.  Optimally distributing orders to available vehicles

PTV Route Optimizer Functions

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