Route Optimizer

Consider restrictions and requirements in routing and scheduling

  • Calculate delivery times

  • Consider vehicle profiles

  • Account for legal driving and rest times

  • Avoid restricted access areas

  • Optimize cargo loading

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Integrate PTV Route Optimiser into your transport management solution

Customer requirements and regulatory restrictions continue to grow, making transport planning an ever more demanding task: Narrow delivery windows, access restrictions in urban areas and emission limits are just some examples of constraints that must be considered in planning routes and schedules for HGVs.


PTV Route Optimizer turns the complexity of transport planning into efficiency: Transport planners can enter regulations, customer demands, depot information and vehicle specifications into PTV Route Optimiser via an interface with just a few clicks. When distributing orders to drivers and calculating routes, the software automatically takes all constraints into account and makes sure the suggested schedule meets them. Transport planning has never been this easy.


PTV Route Optimizer consider all restrictions for planning including delivery order, recollection order and service order for technical inspection or technical service at the field.

Delivery Order

Recollection Order

Service Order

All restrictions are considered for planning order


PTV Route Optimizer Features

Restrictions in routing and scheduling

Customers often specify opening hours or narrow time windows during which you must deliver. Your drivers might stand in front of locked doors and face long waiting times should they not arrive in time. You might even have to pay a contractual penalty fee for late deliveries.


Regulations, such as driving and rest periods, further complicate route planning and scheduling. With PTV Route Optimiser, you can be certain that all constraints are accounted for: Simply save restrictions, such as fixed appointments or opening times, in the system. It automatically considers them when calculating routes and schedules for your drivers.

Time limits and duration



PTV Route Optimizer Functions

Route Planning & Scheduling

Route planning and scheduling gets more complex as the order volume and vehicles at your disposal increase. No problem for PTV Route Optimizer: The software distributes orders to vehicles automatically and optimally.

Optimize the Utilization of your Fleet

As external factors change, so should your routines: PTV Route Optimizer enables you to analyze existing routes and schedules in order to adapt them to changing circumstances at the push of a button.

Informs Customers of Arrival Times Reliably

Inform your customers automatically and in real-time about the estimated time of arrival of their deliveries. Facilitate transparency throughout the entire supply chain and boost customer satisfaction.

Calculates Freight Costs Precisely

Keep better track of your spending: PTV Route Optimizer enables you to calculate transport costs quickly and accurately, both as a basis for preparing offers and invoices.

Ensures a Smooth Exchange of Data

Ensure a smooth exchange of data and information by connecting PTV Route Optimizer to your ERP, TMS and telematics systems.

Considers Preferences and Restrictions

PTV Route Optimizer considers all relevant restrictions such as opening hours, loading and unloading times, vehicle characteristics, driving and rest times as well as your customers' preferences in its suggestions.

Optimally distributing orders to available vehicles

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