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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Cloud4C offers specialized implementation services for businesses in the retail industry.

480+  SAP S/4HANA Conversions

SAP CAR - Components Implementation  

Transform Your Retail Business with SAP CAR

POS Data Transfer and Audit, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR Implementation Services

Central Store Repository of Sales Data

POS Data Transfer and Audit

POS Data Transfer and Audit

Implementation Services

  • We provide a solution to support the high-throughput loading of POS data.

  • We enable a central data collector and distributor for all sales.

  • We activate a central interface in the SAP applications.

  • We configure audit processes to disaggregate and use this information in the other CAR blocks.

Mutichannel Transaction Data Management, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR Application Components, Implementation Services

Setting up this functionality allows you to collect various data types (such as transactions, inventory, and master data) from multiple sources across all your sales channels.

Multichannel Transaction Data Management

Multichannel Transaction Data Management

Implementation Services


  • All sales channels are included: Web, POS, Social, e-commerce, and Social Media, among others.

  • Customer Fidelization Information

  • Order channel 

  • Real-time Inventory Visibility

  • Customer Segmentation and demographic data

  • POS Ticket details extraction

  • 360 customer visibility

  • POS Transactions, Orders, Inventory, and Returns at the same place

  • Real-time information upgrade for report consumption

Demand Data Foundation, DDF, SAP CAR, SAP CAR Applications Components

DDF is a data layer that supports the planning, analysis, and forecasting from master data such as products, locations, product hierarchy, location hierarchy, offers, or prices.

Demand Data Foundation (DDF)

Demand Data Foundation (DDF)

Implementation Services

  • Activation of Consuming Applications connected with the SAP Customer Activity Repository through DDF.

  • Configuration of DDF for analysis, modeling, and forecasting services like Distribution Curve or Location Cluster.

  • Installation and complete configuration of DDF for modeling and forecasting services through the Unified Demand Forecast (UDF) module.

  • Configuration and integration of DDF with SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) to support the inbound of historical sales data for the following data types (Consumption Data, POS Data, Inventory Data, Sales Orders).

  • Configuration and integration of DDF with SAP Marketing Cloud.

On Shelf Availability, OSA, SAP CAR, SAP CAR Applications Components

Provides information about current and past shelf availability in your stores and sends real-time alerts to your employees. 

On Shelf Availability (OSA)

On Shelf Availability (OSA)

Implementation Services

  • Configure the OSA algorithm for considering the sales of a product at a specific store. 

  • Extraction of the algorithm of sales transactions from POS Data Transfer and Audit transaction data for analysis of the length of each sales interval between two subsequent sales of that product to determine the potential on-shelf availability issues. 

  • Determine past out-of-shelf situations through the activation of  analytical processing of OSA. 

  • Configuration of KPIs to determine hotspots of out-of-shelf and to determine appropriate measures to improve the on-shelf availability in your stores. 

  • Configuration of real-time alerts on OSA for monitoring of operational processes and determinate issues by either refilling the shelf with products or triggering other appropriate activities.

  • Activation of the OSA module together with the UDF module to generate intraday demand forecast for your products.

Unified Demand Forecast, UDF, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP Implemenation Services

Configuring ad-hoc simulations in SAP HANA to:

  • To calculate the impact of historical factors that influence demand, such as promotions, calendar events, seasonality, or price elasticity.

  • Incorporate Bayesian statistics to fill gaps in knowledge of what happened in the past.

  • Configure a flexible multi-channel data model to calculate product/location/channel/promotion/day forecast.

  • Activation of forecast models for the analysis of persistent ("production mode" and "diagnostic mode") or non-persisting ("hypothetical forecast") forecast results.

Unified Demand Forecast (UDF)

Implementation Services

Unified Demand Forecast (UDF)

It uses various forecasting methods to provide predictive information. It estimates the impact of historical factors influencing demand, such as promotions, calendar events, seasonality, or price elasticity. Then it uses Bayesian statistics to fill in the gaps in knowledge of what happened in the past.

Analyze & Adjust Forecast, SAP CAR, Implementation Services
  • Configure demand influence factors for analyzing the forecast provided by UDF.

  • Define forecast models based on future Demand Influence Factors (DIF)

  • Determine forecast by product, location, or direct link access (e.g., other FIORI app)

  • Determine forecast by channels

  • Adjust Forecast correction on different assignment levels (products, product hierarchy nodes, locations, location hierarchy nodes).

  • Provide relative, additive, and absolute corrections.

  • Provide demand plan (final forecast) service for other Replenishment processes.

Analyze & Adjust Forecast 

Implementation Services

Analyze & Adjust Forecast 

Visualize the forecasts provided by UDF, which gives greater visibility into factors that influence demand.

Manage Demand Influencing Factors, SAP CAR, SAP CAR Implementation Services
  • Configure user interface for managing Demand Influence Factors (DIF) of users

  • Configure per User DIF automated assignment to location and <or> product hierarchy nodes or selected areas. 

  • Configure DIF by product

  • Enable DIF Simulations

Manage Demand Influencing Factors 

Implementation Services

Manage Demand Influencing Factors 

User interface to maintain validity period and assignmentfor User DIFs (e.g., to explain store reconstruction, local events, strikeimpact).

Manage Distribution Curves, SAP CAR. SAP CAR Implementation Services
  • Configure the analysis of historical daily sales data

  • Define Distribution Curves

  • Define Allocation Management Scenarios

  • Plan stock transfer to the stores based on Distribution Curves

Manage Distribution Curves

Implementation Services

Manage Distribution Curves

Demand Data Foundation (DDF) can calculate distribution curves for different scenarios. You can use this service and the associated Configure Distribution Curves SAP Fiori app to calculate distribution curves for different consuming applications and scenarios. The service analyzes historical daily sales data. 

  • Configure of promotional offers in SAP Fiori

  • Configure UI for Fiori-based offers creation and maintenance

  • Define offers templates

  • Configure the PMR module for the launching of Promotional Offers

Manage Promoional Offers, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR Implementation Services

Manage Promotional Offers

Implementation Services

Manage Promotional Offers

Manage Promotional Offer enables an essential offer creation capability and enhanced Fiori-based Offer creation and maintenance.

Definition of business scenarios for Product Attributes like:

  • Assortment Planning to create assortment modules to define the right assortment per location.

  • Allocation Management: product attributes are used to select the workload and allocation plan to allocate the products.

  • Distribution Curve Analysis: they can make the product groups more specific (e.g., compare only t-shirts of the same fashion grade).

Manage Product Attributes, SAP CAR, SAP CAR Implementation Services,

Manage Product Attributes

Implementation Services

Manage Product Attributes

Manage Product Attributes allows planning administrators to create, configure, assign, and maintain product attributes for a selected hierarchy. Generally, the product attributes help to further slice and dice product hierarchy nodes by product attributes, such as fashion grade or price band.

The following configurations are made:

  • Clustering filters, such as locations and products.

  • Settings, such as a date range and currency.

  • Clustering criteria are the key performance indicators (KPIs) or business measures you want to use as the basis for clustering.

  • Group the locations into clusters 

The following business scenarios are considered:

  • Assortment Planning for option planning, assortment definition, and sales planning

  • Allocation Management to ease parameter maintenance and for reporting purposes

  • Distribution Curve configuration for defining where the design shall apply

Manage Location Cluster, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR Implementation Services

Manage Location Clusters

Implementation Services

Manage Location Clusters

Location clusters can be created and managed by grouping locations into clusters based on common characteristics or attributes. Location clusters are used, for example, in Assortment Planning,  Allocation Management, and Distribution Curve. 

  • Setting up article availability information for all channels: DCs, stores, and vendors

  • Setting up of APIs to check article availability in CAR (taking eligible sources into account)

  • Setting up of rough stock indicator (traffic lights) in a webshop (out-of-the-box integration with Hybris Commerce)

  • Setting up of ATP information in CAR and Temporary reservations

  • Store availability update by real/near-time POS & SD sales order & ERP stock upload.

Omnichannel Article Availability & Sourcing, SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP CAR Implementation Services

Omnichannel Article Availability & Sourcing

Implementation Services

Omnichannel Article Availability & Sourcing

SAP CAR is the central hub for article availability information for all channels

Omnichannel Promotion Planning, SAP CAR, SAP CAR Application Components, SAP CAR Implementation Services

Omnichannel Promotion Pricing

Implementation Services

  • Setting up a Central Price and Promotion Repository allows you to contain the price and promotional values and rules needed for correct sales price calculation in all sales channels.

  • Setting up of Promotion Pricing Service provided by SAP that calls into the price and promotion repository to calculate the effective transactional price for the end customer.

  • Setting up of Price and Promotion Repository and Promotion Pricing service 

Omnichannel Promotion Pricing

Provide a seamless omnichannel buying experience for end-customer across all sales channels. Promotion Pricing Service, SAP provides a solution to ensure correct and consistent effective sales prices in all sales channels, along with the ability to introduce new pricing rule types with low implementation effort across all sales channels. 

We offer top-notch SAP CAR Implementation Services for retail businesses. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can help you optimize your retail processes and increase profit margins. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure seamless and effective implementation, giving you the best value for your investment.

¿Por qué Cloud4C?
Soluciones integrales para modernizar el núcleo de su negocio

Experiencia en SAP y en Industria

Como socio de SAP certificado y confiable, nuestros consultores y expertos en SAP y diversas industrias en Cloud4C han estado ayudando a las empresas a elaborar estrategias, migrar a SAP S/4HANA y gestionar cargas de trabajo complejas.

Asesor de confianza para clientes

El enfoque de Cloud4C está en las mejores prácticas de la industria. Los programas principales se entregan a tiempo y de acuerdo con la hoja de ruta original, lo que mejora la satisfacción del cliente. Los clientes califican altamente a Cloud4C en términos de satisfacción general, liderazgo intelectual, metodologías de prueba, capacidades ágiles/DevOps, habilidades funcionales e innovación.

Un enfoque basado en Fábrica de SW

Los mejores procesos de su clase (ITSM 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana), herramientas, aceleradores y marcos integrados en la solución, calificados y validados por SAP.

Sistema de Emisión de Tickets basado en SLA

Con las herramientas patentadas de Cloud4C, controlamos eficazmente todos los parámetros del proyecto. Muchas operaciones diarias están automatizadas, lo que nos ayuda a reducir los errores manuales y ofrecer resultados dentro de los SLA acordados.


Cloud4C es un socio global de SAP. Nuestras asociaciones estratégicas con Centros de Excelencia (CoE) dedicados alineados con Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) y Google Cloud Platform (GCP), entre otros socios estratégicos, nos ayudan a brindar soluciones de extremo a extremo para modernizar sus aplicaciones principales. 

Servicios Gestionados Completos

Cloud4C proporciona un servicio totalmente administrado desde la infraestructura hasta la capa de aplicación con soporte para el usuario final, capacitación y mejora de los procesos comerciales, lo que le brinda total libertad para concentrarse en su negocio principal.

Reconocimiento de la industria

Cloud4C es un actor reconocido en la migración y gestión de cargas de trabajo complejas de SAP según analistas globales líderes como Gartner.

Costo Optimizados

Cloud4C ha automatizado la mayoría de los procesos internos. Clou4C, con su experiencia, infraestructura, experiencia en la nube pública y alojamiento privado, puede trasladarle el ahorro de costos en gran medida.

Cloud4C es un proveedor certificado de SAP

Cloud4C es el mayor socio de servicios premium de SAP y alojamiento en la nube

SAP Certified Cloud Services, SAP Certified Hosting Services, SAP Certified AMS Services
  • Más de 1000 PDs

    8% de los proyectos tienen un tamaño mayor
    de 1000 PDs



    Más de 25 proyectos basados en HANA

    Análisis en SAP ERP, CRM, SCM, CAR, HANA

    SAP BW /

    BW on HANA








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    Optimización de Costos: Costo Total de Propiedad (TCO) reducido

    Pymes de 25 Centros de Excelencia colaborando en cualquier proyecto

    Automatización avanzada, automatización cognitiva y dinámica: coste total de propiedad (TCO) reducido

    Modelos de entrega flexibles

    Portal de proyectos para gobernanza y
    transparencia a través de la transformación

    Precios variables/flexibles

  • 1000+

    Cargas de trabajo de producción de SAP

    Cloud4C es líder del mercado en la gestión de enormes cargas de trabajo de SAP HANA en la nube



    Consultores certificados para manejar tareas complejas como actualizaciones, migración y conversión homogéneas y heterogéneas.


    SAP SIDs

    Más de 6000 SID de diversos clientes en todos los sectores verticales de la industria



    Administrar cargas de trabajo de producción de SAP HANA desde arquitectura HANA más pequeños de 128 GB hasta arquitecturas HANA de 20 TB en escalamiento horizontal, hasta 12 TB en escalamiento horizontal



    Portafolio de terceros integrado con entornos SAP como Opentext, pausa GX y herramientas HP



    Ofrecer una arquitectura de referencia que oscila entre el 95 % y el 99,9 % en el inicio de sesión de la aplicación en plataformas de nube pública y plataformas específicas de OEM para diversas carteras de aplicaciones y bases de datos de SAP.



    Especializado en ofrecer replicación activo-activo en HANA

Business Conference

Historias de éxito de clientes

Bienvenido a Cloud4C, el proveedor líder de servicios SAP para empresas de todos los tamaños. Nuestro equipo de expertos está dedicado a ayudar a nuestros clientes a alcanzar sus objetivos utilizando el potente conjunto de herramientas de SAP. Eche un vistazo a algunas de las historias de éxito de nuestros clientes para ver usted mismo cómo podemos ayudarle a llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel.

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