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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager Implementation and Optimization Services


We represent Cloud4C for LATAM, the largest SAP Premium Services Partner and Cloud Hosting 


Cloud4C SAP Solution Manager Services can accelerate your innovation, manage your applications’ lifecycle and run your enterprise solutions -- all this in one integrated platform and at no additional costs!


Cloud Experts

Why Cloud4C For SAP Solution Manager?

Centralized, Scalable Platform For Partners & Service Providers

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SAP Solution Manager: Single Source of Truth’ for all your SAP implementation projects

Is your SAP Solution Manager a trusted source?

  • Assessing your existing SAP landscape and defining roadmaps for setting up and leveraging SAP Solution Manager as ‘Single Source of Truth’ for all your SAP implementation projects.

SAP Solution Manager Optimization

Do you have configured a standardized process in SAP Solution Manager?

  • It shortens the time to market by delivering faster by leveraging pre-defined standardized functions and processes in SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager:  Integrating different processes, tools, and applications.

Is your Solution Manager integrated?

  • Cloud4C is reducing cost and time for IT administration by flawlessly integrating different processes, tools, and applications.

SAP Solution Manager: Standarized Proccess and Configuration

Are your SAP systems optimized?

  • Cloud4C can assist to you in improving architecture and making tasks more efficient in SAP systems.

SAP Solution Manager for Business Continuity

Is your SAP Solution Manager prepared for the Business Continuity?

  • Cloud4C ensures business continuity by increasing system performance and reducing the possibility of technical issues.

SAP Solution Manager: EWA Reports

Is the EWA report reflecting your complete business operations?

  • Cloud4C SAP Solution Manager consulting enables to you for the monitoring IT infrastructure, simplifying communication, and improving reporting of your IT processes.

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Mapping Your Success With Cloud4C In Diverse Ways

How Solution Manager Services Can Bring Value?

Cloud4C follows a risk-free approach to upgrade SAP Solution Manager without disrupting the business operations and comply with all the SAP standards.

Customers Globally


  • Cloud4C serves 4000+ customers globally, including 60 of the Fortune 500 & 

  • 108 of the ET 500 Indian companies.

Large Enterprise Customers


  • Globally one of the oldest and largest SAP partners managing huge HANA workloads. 

  • 180+ Large Enterprise Customers

Reduced Operation Effort


  • Reduced resources Effort With Customer Onboarding

  • Simplified Monitoring Landscape

Customer Satisfaction


  • Provides customers with generous usage rights

Enhanced Security


  • Network is established using IPSec Tunneling, and only limited ports are enabled

Automation & Add-on Monitoring Features


  • Inbuilt automation capabilities using scripts and also enhanced SAP application monitoring features.






Over 6000+ SAP systems managed

Cloud4C SAP Solution Manager Services

Business Conference

Customers Success Stories

Welcome to Cloud4C, the leading provider of SAP services for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our customers reach their goals by utilizing SAP’s powerful suite of tools. Take a look at some of our customer success stories to see for yourself how we can help you take your business to the next level.

SAP Solution Manager helps streamline and modernize business processes, discover improvements, and take care of end-to-end application lifecycle management.

SAP Solution Manager Roadmap Assessment

Helping Optimize SAP With A Robust Roadmap

Cloud4C conducts an initial assessment workshop, studies your existing IT process, and identifies functional areas that would benefit your organization. Cloud4C has a customized roadmap to simplify and optimize your SAP projects using SAP Solution Manager. 

Application Lifecycle Assessment

IT Processes Analyzes

In partnership with your organization, Cloud4C analyzes your existing IT processes and tools and interviews your key stakeholders to help you measure the maturity levels of the existing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methods. 

Application Management Support

IT Processes Analyzes

Even after your Projects Go Live, Cloud4C's team will maintain SAP Solution Manager and free your teams to focus on other projects and operations. In addition, cloud4C provides multiple support levels and ensures the high availability of your IT processes.

SAP Solution Manager Integration

Integration With Other Tools/Systems

Cloud4C can integrate existing tools or third-party tools/systems, such as various incident management systems and process monitoring devices and tools, into the SAP Solution Manager. 

SAP Solution Manager installation/upgrade

Technical Upgrade & New Functionalities

Cloud4C can integrate existing tools or third-party tools/systems, such as various incident management systems and process monitoring devices and tools, into the SAP Solution Manager. 

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

SAP S/4HANA & SAP Customer Solutions

  • Powerful technical monitoring capabilities

  • Improved UX -- SAP Fiori-based new landscape

  • Includes dashboard for monitoring metrics

  • GDPR compliant

  • Focused Build and Insights included

  • Free access to the latest and updated ALM tools

  • Available on SAP HANA, no license


Current Usage Scenarios

Cloud4C checks the existing usage scenarios concerning the changes in the new releases and suggests whether an upgrade or a new installation should be done.

Modernization of SAP Solution Manager

Complete Setup And Post Upgrade Activities

Cloud4C makes all necessary configuration settings, initiates support communications and content activation procedures (if needed), and executes post-upgrade activities related to your specific applications.

SAP Solution Manager Best Practices Implementation

Do you have best practices implemented in your SAP Solution Manager?

  • Cloud4C enables you to adhere to best practices for test management and contributing to quality control processes.

SAP Solution Manager Quality Standards

Are you using SAP Solution Manager under quality standards?

  • Cloud4C helps you in the change control management and maintaining software quality standards.

SAP Solution Manager for implementing customer-specific requirements

Ready to run a better SAP Solution Manager?

  • Cloud4C leverages  pre-configured SAP focused solutions for implementing customer-specific requirements.

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