for Tracking, Monitoring & Remote Management of Cargo in Motion, Warehouse, Stores & Electrical Installations.

The smart padlock without keys

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Lokies, Keyless Smart Padlock, Remote Openness Padlock, Multi-user identification, Electronic Padlock, Padlock with Flexible Shackle, Intelligent Padlock, GPS Container Padlock, GPS Lock, GPS Store, Remote Openness Padlock, App lock, smart app lock.

The most intelligent and unique padlock in the world today! An innovative IoT-based padlock that can be opened remotely. It does not require a key and can be easily mobilized without the need to care for and distribute keys. Its advanced Bluetooth connectivity allows you to identify and manage different users with different access authorizations. The access control feature makes Lokies a unique intelligent management tool, which keeps a complete record of when it was opened, for how long and by whom. Lokies offers security capabilities never before used for remote areas without power supply. It comes with a revolutionary shackle, which detects any cut! That's not all ... For the first time, it can be equipped with a flexible shackle, which gives you the option of using a single padlock in a configuration that previously needed multiple locks.


It Identifies you

Able to assign a unique ID to each of its users and block unauthorized access.


Flexible but secure

Lokies, Keyless Smart Padlock, Remote Openness Padlock, Multi-user identification, Electronic Padlock, Padlock with Flexible Shackle, Intelligent Padlock, GPS Container Padlock, GPS Lock, GPS Store, Remote Openness Padlock, App lock, smart app lock.

You are the Key

It can be unlocked remotely by authorized users, without the need for a key. 


Feel your surroundings


Equipped with Bluetooth
Low Energy Connectivity (BLE). It can be connected to nearby devices and sensors.


The first smart padlock to offer a flexible shackle. The shackle detects cut and reports it instantly. It can be adjusted to any length.


Online Support


Compatible with the Starcom Online Web application in more than 39 languages, as well as the Olympia Tracking Mobile Application. 


Major Capability


Includes an internal battery rechargeable of major capability in comparison with Watchlock early versions. With the option to equip it with an external battery to triple its autonomy. 



Cargo Protection for:





The Smart Padlock without Keys for Containers Protection

For Containers protection you obtain a customized real-time alert, monitoring each step of the delivery chain of your container at the port terminal, you'll receive an alert when the container comes at the parking area, discharge area for shipping, etc. 


Every step of your delivery chain, can be customized with LOKIES padlock

Smart Padlock without Keys, Unique Identifier, Footprint Finger, Unlock Padlock Remotely, Flexible Shackle with sensors detects cut and report instantly, 39 languages, Bluetooth, Battery BLE (Battery Low Energy), Online support, Events Programming, Customizable Variables, Support Center, Monitoring Center, Mobile Apps
  1. Multi-user Identification

  2. Unlock Padlock Remotely

  3. Flexible Shackle detects cut and reports instantly

  4. Bluetooth and BLE battery

  5. Spanish, English and 37 languages more

  6. Real-time Information

  7. Customized Security Alerts

  8. Electronic Seal - (Open & Door Alert)

  9. In/Out Alert (Geo-fencing)

  10. Overturn Alert

  11. Speed Limit

  12. Location

  13. Perimeters

  14. Online Monitoring

  15. Control Center

  16. Apps Mobile

  17. Can operate under extreme conditions

  18. Autonomous unit - no installation or wiring are required




Fixed Assets




Summer House

Lokies Platform

Lokies, Keyless Smart Padlock, Remote Openness Padlock, Multi-user identification, Electronic Padlock, Padlock with Flexible Shackle, Intelligent Padlock, GPS Container Padlock, GPS Lock, GPS Store, Remote Openness Padlock, App lock, smart app lock.

Our Remote Tracking Products


Tetis, Tetis R, Tetis Hybrid

Tetis, Tetis R and Tetis R Hybrid provide the perfect solution for the tracking, monitoring and management of your cargo shipped through sea. Tetis monitors every aspect of the shipping process from the moment the container is sealed until it safely arrives in its destination.



Helios is our advanced AVL device, covering every aspect of vehicle tracking for any need. For over 13 years, Helios is the choice of fleet managers, security companies, car dealerships and both commercial and government organizations around the world.


Olympia Tracking

Olympia Tracking mobile application brings Starcom Online to your mobile device. The application is both for iOS and for Android devices, feature detailed maps, real-time alerts and the ability to manage all your assets in one platform.


Support Center

Our Supports Center enable customers to configure their own varibles for remote tracking and management in fleet, containers, cargo, merchandise, portable assets, people and fixed assets, considering any of our products. 



Watchlock Cube

A clever combination of a high security padlock and an electronic alarm system, that provide information about its location, any opening and closing of the lock as well as any attempt to break it. A real time alert and monitoring from anywhere, to anywhere.


Online Web Application

Starcom Systems’ Online web application is one of the most effective tools for web-based fleet, container and asset management. With Starcom Online you can easily manage all your hardware under one platform from any device, anywhere around the globe.


Employee Tracking

Zeppos by Starcom Systems is an advanced employee management application which brings the advantages of Starcom’s hardware solutions to your cell-phones, smart watches and tablets.


Kylos Compact, Kylos Forever, Kylos Forever Air

Kylos is a Real time tracking and monitoring solution for the protection and management of any portable asset. It offers an automatic remote track and trace features and continuous control of your assets. Ideal for merchandise, air shipped cargo and assets in remote areas.


Control Center

Our web-based Control Center application is designed for operational security centers. With the Control Center application, you can manage emergency events effitiently. The system allows ease of operation and ensures an immediate response suitable for any type of event.


Driver State Monitor

TS-DS02 is a driver sate intelligence early warning terminal, which based on image recognition technology and inbuilt image intelligent processing core algorithm. TS-DS02 can detect Driver Fatigue, Distraction Warning, Smoking Warning, Calling Warning,  Driver abnormal warning.

Our GPS Business Applications


for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Terrestrial Cargo

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Air Cargo

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Fleet Management

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Caring People

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Valuable Assets

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Extreme Sports

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Fixed Assets

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management