Transport & Logistics solutions

for Routes Planning & Trip Optimization, Sales Force & Territory Planning, Geo-Administration, Field Force Planning 

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Smart Routes Planning, Trips Optimization, Transport Costs, and Field Force Planning 

VTS offers sophisticated transport logistics solutions of PTV Group and powerful modeling tools better distribution of your field force, getting better results for your organization and saving a lot of money in the way that you plan your business for the day to day.

Our Transport & Logistics Business Applications

Routes Planning & Optimization

Automatically schedules orders for optimized routes, taking into account all restrictions, integrated with your ERP system.

Transport Cost Calculation

Transport Cost Calculation based on  trips and routes planning.

Arrivals Times

Automatically informs partners and customers about the estimated time of arrival of your fleet.

Field Force Planning

Automatically creates weekly and daily plans that boost productivity, while considering all specifications and restrictions.

Territory Optimization

Get a full market coverage with shorter traveling distances and workload distribution.

Geographical market analyses

Automatically determines sales potential, visualize market opportunities and simulates planning sceneries.

Transport & Logistics Solutions