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Boost the productivity of your sales force, field force and service technicians

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Integrate the PTV xServer software components seamlessly into your CRM software solution

Where should you open your next location? How can you ensure that your sales territories are balanced and geographically compact? How can you optimize sales force and workforce management, better manage field staff and service technicians, and reduce travel times?

The PTV xServer software components enable you to organize your location, territory and field service planning more optimally, ensure that your employees are more productive and spend less time on the road and more time with your customers.

Integrate the software components seamlessly into your CRM software or any other solution you work with to extend its functionalities and boost its performance.


Simulate different scenarios and determine optimal locations.


Calculate compact and balanced areas for field service and staff.


Optimize sales force and workforce management as well as field service planning.


Plan ideal visit frequencies and appointments. Maximize your employees' time with customers by improving scheduling.


Integrate relevant functionalities seamlessly into your CRM system.

Sales force & field service planning

Make strategic decisions based on the latest research and data

Before suggesting the ideal location, PTV xServer analyses a wide range of data such as the average purchasing power or traffic volume of a region. When planning sales territories, the software takes into account conditions and restrictions such as the existing sales potential, geographical factors and the number of employees. Our algorithms calculate the optimal results for you and determine ideal locations as well as optimally balanced and compact sales and distribution areas.

Sales force & field service planning

PTV xServer Applications Areas

PTV xServer Software Developer Kit


Geocoding API

Convert addresses to geocoordinates and vice versa with high accuracy to display geographic data on digital maps with the PTV xServer Geocoding API.


Digital Maps API

Display geographic data and traffic information on customised digital maps to enable vehicle routing and optimisation with the PTV xServer Digital Maps API.


Route Planning API

Plan and optimize truck-specific routes considering truck attributes, toll and live traffic information with the PTV xServer Route Planning API.


Toll Calculation API

Calculate exact toll and make sure your vehicles are always on the most economic route available with the PTV xServer Toll Calculation API.


Emissions Calculation API

Calculate and report your fleet’s emissions with the PTV xServer Emissions Calculation API.


Traffic Information API

Use live and historic traffic data to avoid delays and optimise route planning and calculation with the PTV Traffic Information API.


Fleet Planning Optimization API

Plan, schedule and optimize truck routes to ensure the most efficient use of your fleet with the PTV xServer Fleet Planning & Optimisation API.


Fleet Tracking API

Use GPS tracking to locate your fleet in real-time with the PTV xServer Fleet Tracking API. Monitor driver behaviour and progress and ensure drivers, vehicles and cargo are safe.


Geofencing API

Employ geofencing and corridor fencing to prevent theft or removal of vehicles and equipment and keep high-security transports safe with the PTV xServer Geofencing API.


Fleet Service Management API

Increase productivity of sales and field force by planning locations, determining territories and booking visits with PTV xServer Field Service Management API


Load Space Optimization API

Optimize cargo loadings by minimizing free volumes and considering unloading sequence to make trips more efficient with the PTV xServer Load Space Optimisation API.


Business Connector for use with SAP

Integrate the PTV xServer software components into SAP environments such as SAP ERP and SAP TM easily and quickly. Reduce development efforts and realize significant cost savings.

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